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We present To our clients Products High Quality and we guarantee them value for price  We also guarantee them a fast and distinctive delivery service 


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Righteous sacrifices


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Sacrifices Al Barr Trading Est


CR: 4032247966


Our Mission


Our goal is to provide you with the best service at special prices ... Righteous sacrifices for your sacrifice at the door of your house


About us :


The application of righteous sacrifices to meet your needs of all kinds of sacrifices under the supervision and knowledge of qualified and experienced Saudis


Righteousness is a distinguished service that makes you request your sacrifice while you are at your place. We guarantee the provision of the slaughtering, cutting and packing service as desired by the customer at special prices and all our sacrifices are carried out in the municipal slaughterhouses and under full medical supervision


It provides its customers with the best types of municipal sacrifices for all occasions, and distributes gifts and alms at reasonable prices

At the hands of a Saudi woman in Taif, now and soon in Jeddah and Makkah, and she seeks to provide high-quality services in selecting the carcass and cooking according to your desire and delivery in a timely manner with all responsibility and honesty

And providing convenience as soon as you order via the application

Or the website


The online store application is presented to you to make it easy to order the carcasses ...

The application of righteous offerings to sacrifices to meet all people's needs of sacrifices of all kinds

Of all sizes and with different methods, more than 25 years of experience, carcasses are raised by the best means. There are also local eggs and pure country cheese. You can order them to receive fresh at any time.


In righteous sacrifices, we work as an integrated team to spare you the hassle of going to the sheep market and looking for what suits you. We choose the finest for you and put it in your hands at the best prices. Your confidence is our motivation to do the best.


The services provided by the application:


The main sacrifices application provides you with the service of ordering the sacrifices easily by choosing the required type, number and method of cutting, in addition to the service of cutting, packaging and delivery

• Ease of use of the application

• Security in payment and payment

• Variety of options and sizes for sheep at competitive prices

• Speed ​​and accuracy of appointments

• A specialized follow-up team around the clock to receive your requests

• Determine your preferred method of communication

Provide cooking with delivery

• Fully prepared to provide carcasses for occasions and parties that will help you in cooking and banquets faster and in a modern way


Do not hesitate to go ahead and ask what you want from the application of righteous sacrifices, your first destination to request sacrifices and enjoy many of the advantages .. Download the application and enjoy special offers on our products



Our honesty has made us last for more than 25 years, and customers are generations after generations