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Terms & Conditions

Privacy policy

The application and management of the mainland carcasses and the associated website that are available on the site are owned by the concrete horizon company (the wildlife sacrifices), and the application and the site of the wildlife sacrifices provides a platform through which you can purchase fresh carcasses from different types of sheep.

In addition to this, you can apply the righteous sacrifices to track what you want, inform others about what you want, and discover new things to try, all in one place (collectively, “services or products”), and the privacy policy aims at the mainland sacrifices or what is known as (“the privacy policy” ”) To inform you of our policies and practices regarding information collection, use, and disclosure of any information provided to us or that is collected through your use of the application of land sacrifices.

The information covered in this privacy policy includes "personal information", which is information about you that can identify you like your name, your real address, or an email address, as well as "non-identifiable information", which is not publicly identifiable information that can be associated with With or related to a specific account in the land sacrifices but does not by itself allow identification of individual persons (for example, demographic, interests, or site usage information), this privacy policy does not relate to any information that is not identifiable or through the application of land sacrifices .

User satisfaction

By accessing or using the righteous sacrifices, you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and the terms of service associated with it, and that you explicitly agree to the processing of your personal and non-identifying information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your personal information may be processed by us in the country in which it was collected, as well as in other countries (including Saudi Arabia) where the laws relating to the processing of personal information are less stringent than the laws in your country.

Regarding children

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the carcasses and we do not intentionally collect or maintain personal information from those under 13 years of age, as protecting the privacy of children is very important to us, and so, if we get actual knowledge that the user Less than 13 years old, we will take the necessary steps to remove the personal information of this user from our databases, as your use of land sacrifices signifies that you are able to create a binding contract in your jurisdiction.

Collection and use of information

Information provided to the sacrifices of righteousness

In general, we collect both personal and non-identifiable information that you voluntarily send us through land sacrifices, and we collect information that you send during the process of creating or modifying your account and user profile on land sacrifices, for example, the registration and login process requires us You must provide us with your name, your correct email address, and a password of your choice, as well as we collect your mobile phone number as part of your registration information, and when you personalize your profile and use the benefits of land sacrifices, we will collect any information you provide voluntarily, and we may ask Also optional information to support your use of righteous sacrifices, including such non-identifiable information, and we also collect information in the form of content that you provide during your use of righteous sacrifices, such as reports, assessments and other information that you choose to provide, including information from social networks The other that you choose to link to your profile with the sacrifices of righteousness.

If you send an e-mail to us, or fill out a “Comments - Contact Us” form through righteous sacrifices, we will collect your e-mail address and the full content of your e-mail, including attached files, and other information you provide, and upon completion of financial transactions With other users of, road carcasses you will need to provide your credit card or other payment information so that we can process your payments for those products and services, and when participating in contests, raffles, or other activities that we provide on road carcasses, we will collect specific information B along with such activity, which may include your personal information to allow us to contact you regarding this activity, if you create a new account to subscribe to obtain information about products or services that may be of interest to you, we will collect your email address and all Related information, in addition, we collect any information that you voluntarily provide, including personal information, or any vacancies, comments, or forums within the Wildlife Society.

Information from other sources

We may receive information, including personal information, about you from other sources that you have registered, companies that we have a partnership with (collectively “partners”), or other third parties, and we may link this information with other personal information that we have collected about you, If you contact the sacrifices of righteousness through another social network, we may collect information about you and your friends from this social network in order to offer you a more personalized experience. For example, we may collect your user ID or profile information from that social network to other parties that I had allowed her appearance through flame Righteousness In order to offer you as a friend or share your personal profile and means of communication, the righteous sacrifices will process this information in the same way that we deal with the information we collect from you directly, however, you must remember that the providers of such information from the third party deal with it according to the privacy policies Them.

Information collected through technological means

As you use the wildlife sacrifices, some technical and usage information may be collected from you.